Who is "Ms. Marvel" - Character Explained
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Who is Ms. Marvel? What to Know Before Watching The Disney+ Show

Ms. Marvel is the latest of Marvel’s comic-to-tv adaptions to hit Disney+. The show is based on the Marvel Comic of the same name and featured Kamala Khan, a.k.a Ms. Marvel’s onscreen debut. Ms. Marvel is the seventh TV Show to form part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and is the set-up for the upcoming film, The Marvels.

Unless you’re a fan of the comics, you’re probably asking yourself, Who Is Ms. Marvel?

As with most superheroes, the name Ms. Marvel doesn’t only refer to one superhero; instead, it is the name of several across multiple timelines. Ms. Marvel was originally created to be a female counterpart to Captain Marvel (who was initially written as a male before getting sued by DC for breaching Copywrite for being too much like Superman).

Most of the heroes who have taken the mantle of Ms. Marvel have gained their powers wither through Kree technology or genetics. The four characters to have used the name so far are:

Carol Danvers

Who is "Ms. Marvel" - Character Explained

Before taking on the mantle of Captain Marvel, to honour the deceased Captain Mar-Vell, Carol Danvers was the first hero to use the name Ms. Marvel. Carol had initially been written to be a non-superpowered officer in the United States Air Force. However, after getting caught in an explosion with the Kree superhero Captain Mar-Vel. Carol reemerges as the super-powered Ms. Marvel.

The explosion has caused Carol’s DNA to merge with Captain Mar-Vel’s, giving her many of the same powers and more.

Sharon Ventura

Who is "Ms. Marvel" - Character Explained

The second hero to take on the Ms. Marvel mantle is Sharon Ventura, who made her debut in The Thing. Introduced initially as a stunt performer, Sharon was performing when she first met The Thing. After growing close, Sharon volunteers for an experimental procedure to gain superpowers.

Sharon volunteers because she wants to join the Unlimited Class Wrestling Federation with The Thing, which she does. She also ends up joining the Fantastic Four – all under the moniker of Ms. Marvel.

However, when Sharon gets hit by cosmic rays during her time with the Fantastic Four, her body starts to mutate. She soon takes on a very similar appearance to The Thing and gets the nickname of She-Thing going forward, leaving the Ms. Marvel name abandoned.

Karla Sofen

Who is "Ms. Marvel" - Character Explained

Karla Sofen is actually Doctor Karla Sofen and is more commonly known as the supervillain Moonstone. However, like many Marvel heroes, the character’s origin story is everywhere. In some stories, Karla is Moonstone; in other stories, Karla is the psychiatrist to Moonstone. In yet other stories, she is Moonstone’s psychiatrist that tricks him into making her Moonstone and then adopts the name for herself.

However, during the Dark Reign story arc, Karla joins the Dark Avengers as the doppelganger of Carol Danver’s Ms. Marvel – even wearing the same costume. Then in a 2009 comic run, Karla becomes Ms. Marvel officially before Carol Danver takes the title back a year later.

Kamala Khan

Who is "Ms. Marvel" - Character Explained

Kamala Khan is the fourth and final (so far) character to take on the name of Ms. Marvel and is also the version of Ms. Marvel to be featured in the Disney+ show. Kamala Khan is a 16-year-old Pakistani-American from Jersey City, New Jersey, who idolizes Carol Danvers before receiving the Ms. Marvel title herself.

When Black Bolt of the Inhumans released Terrigen Mist into Earth’s atmosphere, Kamala Khan finds herself going through a metamorphosis of sorts. Kamala goes from only having to worry about school, friends and relationships to the entire fate of the world.

Upon having her Inhumanity awakened, Kamala Khan can now extend her limbs to crazy extents, change her appearance at will and generally shift shape. When it came to choosing a name for her new consumed identity, it’s no surprise that Kamala would decide to go with the name of her idol. Kamala Khan becomes part of Captain Marvel’s legacy by being the youngest hero to adopt the Ms. Marvel name.

Kamala Khan Origin Story Explained:

The comics reveal that Kamala was born in Jersey City and is the daughter of Yusuf Khan and Muneeba Khan. Before Kamala was born, her parents and her older brother, Aamir Khan, had moved to the United States from Karachi, Pakistan. In kindergarten, Kamala would meet Nakia Bahadir, a girl who would become Kamala’s best friend and who is also a practising Muslim and the daughter of immigrants.

In the second grade, Kamala would get a new classmate, Bruno Carrelli, who, like Kamala, also came from a family of immigrants. Although first shy and reluctant, the two would soon form a close bond and become friends. Kamala grew up finding solace with her two friends because she never felt like she fit in with anyone outside of them. Her other peers often mocked Kamala for her nerdy interests and strict parents. Other than her friends, Kamala finds an escape from the constant bullying through her love of video games and superheroes. Her favourite was Ms. Marvel, who had just recently started going by Captain Marvel instead.

One night, Kamala decides to try and fit in with her peers and go to a party; however, when her parents forbid it, she sneaks out. The party was a terrible experience, and Kamala soon released she was only invited to be teased and mocked. Upset and ashamed, Kamala starts walking home when she, and her entire hometown, suddenly find themselves blanketed with Terrigen Mists – thanks to Black Bolt.

Who is "Ms. Marvel" - Character Explained

Kamala gets caught by her parents and grounded upon sneaking back into her house. During the next few days of being at home, her powers start to awaken. Kamala’s punishment is over a few days later, and she heads out to see Bruno. However, when she gets to the convenience store where he works, it is being robbed. With her newly awakened powers still on her mind, Kamala decides to jump into the fray and try to stop the burglar but gets shot in the process.

Thankfully, Kamala discovers a power she didn’t know she had: the ability to heal from injuries. Although this does end up outing her new powers to her friend and starting her life going forward as Ms. Marvel.

Ms. Marvel is currently available on Disney+ and new episodes will be available every Tuesday on the streaming service.

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