Why Its Okay For Movies To Deviate From Their Books

Making a movie based on written source material has exploded over the past couple of decades, with movies like Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, and The Hunger Games immediately springing to mind. Its also not just in geek culture that we see this trend – The Notebook was based on its written counterpart by Nicholas Sparks, amongst numerous other titles.

Something that all of these adaptations have in common though is the rhetoric that “the book did this but the movie didn’t” which has become an inherent negative. It is assumed that because it happened in the book, the movie should be faithful to the source material – so much so, that if the movie is not a verbatim representation of the source material, it gets slandered. We need to be okay with movies deviating from the written versions; in fact, we should be encouraging it – here is why.

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