Will Smith Slaps Chris Rock

Why Will Smith Slapped Chris Rock and The Memes That Followed

If you haven’t seen the news this morning, Will Smith slapped the hell out of Chris Rock during the 94th Academy Awards that wrapped up in the early hours of this morning. Chris Rock, who was on stage giving out an award, targeted Will Smith and his wife Jada Smith in a series of jokes. Chris Rock passed a joke about Jada’s recent decision to shave her head due to an autoimmune disease called alopecia. He said, “GI Jane 2, can’t wait to see it”.

Chris’ reference to GI Jane 2 mocked Jada who now has very short shaved hair similar to Demi Moore in the film. Demi Moore also shaved her head to look more masculine and pretend to be a male in order to sign up for the Navy Seals.

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For those who don’t know, Alopecia is an incurable autoimmune disease that attacks your body, particularly your hair roots and causes your hair to either fall out completely or bald in certain parts. Jada Smith has recently opened up about her diagnosis which has then led her to shave her head in order to help prevent the visual damage caused by the disease. As a result, she now has a buzzcut.

Here’s the slap:

Whether or not Will Smith’s actions were right or wrong is still up for debate but we are not here for that. Of course, the internet has had its way with the ongoing Will Smith and Chris Rock drama and memes aplenty have appeared. We wanted to share them. Because if you can’t cry about something, you can at least have a chuckle. At least we are not mocking a person’s disease.

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