Wild Hearts March Update Grimstalker Kemono Quests Armour Weapons

Wild Hearts March Update Adds New Grimstalker Kemono, Gear and Quests

Developer Omega Force and publisher EA have released a new major update for its latest monster hunting game Wild Hearts, adding a variety of new content including weapons, armour, quests and a new kemono in the form of the Grimstalker. The free update is now live across PS5, Xbox Series X/S and PC.

The Grimstalker is perhaps the biggest addition to Wild Hearts following the new update. A variant of the Deathstalker kemono, the Grimstalker commands control of both fire and water elements. It’s regarded as quite a difficult endgame encounter so make sure you prepare thoroughly before facing off against it. Beating the Grimstalker will reward you with a new armour set called the Fulgent Armour and the ability to craft two new weapons.

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The Grimstalker quest details state:

“The most striking feature of Grimstalker is the way in which its rage levels affect the elements of nature at its command. Normally, it wields water and waves to hamper its adversaries’ movement. Once enraged, however, it switches to fire, unleashing devastating attacks of molten rock. You’ll want to make use of Elemental Lanterns in order to combat both types of attacks. And don’t let the beast escape unscathed whenever it leaves itself vulnerable!”

Omega Force has also added three new higher difficulty quests to check out. The first quest will pit players against Amaterasu in Akikure Canyon but you’ll only have one life to do so. The second quest has you taking on both a Kingtusk and Icetusk in Fuyufusagi Fort with only two lives. The third and final quest requires you to slay a Mighty Dreadclaw, Pearlbeak and Lavaback in one hunt. Each victory will score you a new Chat Stamp and Emote.

Finally, Omega Force promises that even more content is planned for April. The next update will arrive on 6 April and features “a new petal-manipulating fox Kemono Murakumo”, including weapons and armour sets from the kemono. A new Spinning Top Karakuri and Limit Break System will also be introduced to the game.

Wild Hearts is currently available for PS5, Xbox Series X/S and PC.

Source: EA Games

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