Wild Hearts Koei Tecmo EA Originals 2023

Wild Hearts Officially Revealed, Coming February 2023

Wild Hearts has officially been revealed from EA Originals, Koei Tecmo and Dynasty Warriors developer Omega Force. The reveal trailer gave us a glimpse into the game’s world, Monster Hunter-style gameplay and unique mechanics like inventions that can aid you during battle. A release date is also set for 17 February 2023.

Wild Hearts certainly wears its influences on its sleeve, lifting inspiration from Capcom’s popular Monster Hunter franchise as well as Koei Tecmo’s own Toukiden series. Wild Hearts takes “build” to another level by seemingly giving players crafting inventions called Karakuri which, according to the narrator, can be used to your advantage in battles in a number of creative ways. As we saw in the gameplay, it can be used to construct elevated platforms to leap across, create traps and weapons, and so much more.

The official press release provided by EA states that it will arrive on PS5, Xbox Series X/S and PC early next year. Co-op cross play of up to three players will also be supported.

Wild Hearts‘ official description reads:

“The setting is the medieval Hinomoto, Azuma no Kuni. Many people used to live there, but beasts that have evolved uniquely through fusion with nature have expanded their power, and now most of them are about to be swallowed by the beast’s realm. The main character, who has become a master of the ancient technology Karakuri, throws himself into hunting to restore the old life in ‘Azuma no Kuni’ where the threat of beasts is approaching.”

Wild Hearts has been in development at Koei Tecmo and Omega Force for the past four years. EA will assist with publishing the game when it releases next year. A new gameplay trailer is also expected to arrive next week, which will likely go into more detail about the game’s mechanics and features.

Wild Hearts releases on 17 February 2023 for PS5, Xbox Series X/S and PC. Check out the reveal trailer below.

Source: Game Watch

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