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Will Arnett will join Twisted Metal TV Show Voicing Sweet Tooth

Will Arnett will join the crew of the Twisted Metal TV show as the voice of Sweeth Tooth. Sweet Tooth is not only a psychotic clown who drives around in a modified combat ice cream truck but is also the character synonymous with Twisted Metal.

Arnett is a venerated actor with a laundry list of big projects under his belt, so lending his voice talents to the crew of Twisted Metal will surely elevate the show’s presence. Will’s credit to date includes the likes of Ice Age: The Meltdown, Ratatouille, Despicable Me, The Lego Batman Movie, The Lego Movie and BoJack Horseman.

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According to Variety, Arnett will act as executive producer for the show as well, which will be available on NBC’s proprietary streaming platform called Peacock. Twisted Metal has been hoovering a number of well-known cast members including Anthony Mackie, Thomas Haden Church, Stephanie Beatriz and Neve Campell.

Twisted Metal Will Arnett Sweet Tooth

The show casts Mackie as John Doe, an amnesiac who “talks as fast as he drives”, as Doe races around a post-apocalyptic desert to act as a glorified Courier Guy, delivering supplies to an outpost. Doe will be befriended and aided by Beatriz, who plays a car thief Quiet, as they are chased by patrolman Agent Stone played by Church.

Twisted Metal is not the first video game TV show adaptation from Sony as HBO is still working on its The Last of Us TV show. Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey will star as Joel and Ellie respectively, and HBO has confirmed that the show should only be expected in 2023.

Twisted Metal was originally started at PlayStation Productions – a company established by Sony to adopt PlayStation titles into movies and TV shows – but was shifted to NBC. PlayStation Productions also confirmed that it will be working on a Ghost of Tsushima movie.

Source: Variety


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