Win a PS4 Console and Games and R10,000 Vouchers With Tables Realms and Nexus
Table Realms
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Want to win a PS4 console and a brand new title of your choice? Well, you can thanks to Table Realms and The Nexus.

Table Realms is an awesome peer-to-peer gaming app that has just released a new version of the popular Meteors game. This game is an arcade-style space shooter that you play either alone or with friends.

To celebrate the launch of a bucket load of new features coming to Meteors, Table Realms is giving away a PS4 console bundled with a new release, as well as R10,000 in Nexus Hub vouchers just for playing games. If everything in life could be so simple.

The new features include;

Endurance Mode – Players now respawn after they have died in a multiplayer game.
Power-Up – This unique item clears the screen of all meteors.
Enemy Ships – At higher levels, players now have to shoot down enemy ships.
Respawn Recoil – A temporary barrier protects players that have just respawned.
Leaderboards – The player’s highest individual and multiplayer scores are displayed at the end of the game.

How to Win!

There are two prizes up for grabs in this competition. You can enter both at the same time by downloading the Table Realms app.

How to earn a Nexus Hub voucher:
  1. Download the Table Realms app from the Google Play Store
  2. Visit
  3. Use Table Realms to scan the QR code for Meteors on the arcade site.
  4. Play Meteors
  5. When you have earned a voucher (you’ll get a notification in the app), present it to the cashier at Nexus Hub to redeem your voucher.
How to enter the PlayStation 4 bundle competition:
  1. Download the Table Realms app from the Google Play Store.
  2. Use Table Realms to scan the QR code the posters and table-talkers at the Nexus Hub.
  3. Play Meteors
  4. Show your final score to a Nexus cashier.
  5. Take a selfie at Nexus Hub in front of our Table Realms selfie boards in the foyer, then tag @tablerealms in your social media post and use #meteors. Prize details:
  • PlayStation 4 console + any new release
  • R10,000 in Nexus Hub vouchers

For more information check out the Table Realms Twitter page and follow Nexus Hub. This competition ends on 8 March 2019 and winners will be announced on 13 March 2019.






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