Win a PS4 Copy of Knockout City

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Knockout City
Win a PS4 Copy of Knockout City

We are giving away a copy of Knockout City to one reader. For those who don’t know, Knockout City is the latest multiplayer experience from EA Games and Velan Studios that sees players become dodgeball champions. ┬áThis is not your typical Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story.

Knockout City features some intense, over-the-top dodgeball action including several balls for players to pick up and toss at their opponent. The Moon Ball, for example, lets players jump higher and the Bomb Ball explodes in your hand if you don’t toss it ahead of you in time. You can even pick up another player as a ball and throw them too.

Check out a gameplay trailer down below:

If Knockout City sounds like something you would enjoy then you need to enter our PS4 code giveaway. Tomorrow night, 1 July 2021 during our weekly The 404 stream, we are giving the code away. Yes, we are also playing the game so make sure you pop by and say hi.

Knockout City Code Entry Requirements

All you need to do to enter the draw to win this Knockout City code is come on by during the stream tomorrow night (or tonight if you’re reading this late) subscribe to any one of the many channels we stream on and drop a comment. We will also share this reminder right before the stream just in case. If you follow GLITCHED on Twitter or Facebook, you will see it right away.


A huge thanks to EA for supplying us with this Knockout City code. We have loads of content coming your way related to Knockout City so stay tuned for more.

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