Play State of Decay For Free While Testing Windows 10 Gaming Features
Windows 10 Gaming
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Windows 10 was released as a service, with updates regularly planned to make the service great for people running it on their machines. The latest focus has been on Windows 10 gaming features, and what Microsoft can do to make the experience better for playing games.

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Microsoft initially set up a page for gamers to make suggestions on how Windows 10 gaming can be made better and what improvements should be brought to the service, in their experience with it. Now, the company has taken it to the next level. Microsoft is offering the game, State of Decay for a limited time, for free to Windows Insiders. Microsoft wants gamers to assist it in testing out Windows 10 gaming features by playing State of Decay and also needs help to ensure that the systems work as expected.

This Windows 10 gaming build, will be the 7th update, with these previous six updates already having been rolled out:

  • November update;
  • Anniversary update;
  • Creators update;
  • Fall Creators update;
  • April 2018 update; and
  • October 2018 update.

How To Instal State of Decay As Part Of Testing Windows 10 Gaming Features

Firstly, you need an Xbox Live Gamertag, which you can create by opening an Xbox account HERE.

Then, you need to install the Xbox Insider Hub app on your machine. Once installed, you can use your Xbox Live Gamertag to sign in.

Once signed in, select Insider Content (located in the upper left corner), where you’ll find State of Decay: Year One. Select to Join.

Once State of Decay starts launching, you’ll be asked to install DirectX as part of the testing process for Windows 10 gaming. Once you’ve installed this, your free State of Decay game is ready to be played. 

There are the current issues Microsoft knows about regarding the Windows 10 gaming features, so expect them to occur:

  • BattleEye software (used by Fortnite, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds and other popular games) does not work correctly with builds flighted to the Windows Insider Fast ring since December. If you have a machine that is not already enrolled in Windows Insider Fast, and you play games that use BattleEye software, it is recommended that you don’t join Windows Insider Fast on that PC. 
  • There is an intro video that plays at the start of the State of Decay test game which is squeezed into a thin line on the left side of the screen. Ignore this issue; the game works fine once the title screen appears. 
  • If you have a Microsoft Account on your machine which is a Child account and have Parental Controls turned on for that account, the State of Decay test game won’t install.
  • You can install and run the State of Decay test game in a Virtual Machine (VM) if you aren’t able to test on real hardware; the download and install will work fine, but you will experience slow performance when running the game itself.

Will you be playing State of Decay for free as part of testing out the Windows 10 gaming features?

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