Windows 10 latest test build warns users not to install other browsers
Windows 10
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Microsoft is releasing the next big Windows 10 update in October. It will include improvements for the Xbox Game Bar and Game Mode, Microsoft Edge, the Snipping Tool and various bug fixes. The update, simply titled,  The October Update, is currently in testing, and some of the participants have taken to Twitter to complain about a new ‘warning’ issued by Windows 10 whenever they try to install a different browser than Microsoft Edge.

Microsoft Edge, the ‘better’ choice

As you can see in the above image, Windows 10 warns users that it isn’t a good idea to use any other browser, be that Chrome or Firefox, because it isn’t as safe, or as good, as Microsoft Edge. The tester who posted the image, Sean Hoffman, tagged @MicrosoftEdge in the tweet and stated in no uncertain terms what everyone would likely feel if they get such a blatantly arrogant message.

What kind of slimy marketing cesspool crap is this Microsoft? I proceed to launch the Firefox installer and Windows 10 pops this up? If I wanted to use your browser, I would.

Microsoft Edge is no doubt the faster browser, but it is definitely not the best browser by even a close margin. Both Chrome and Firefox are more popular because it has better features, and are more user-friendly than Edge.

The best browsers of 2018

Digital Trends recently released a report about the best browsers of 2018, and Chrome is at the top, with Firefox in second place. In third place we have OPERA, and Edge coming in at a lowly fourth place, and Vivaldi at the last spot. Digital Trends describes Edge as “The default choice that still struggles,” and I think most Windows 10 users would echo that sentiment. Some interesting stats from the report on web browser performance:

  • Memory usage: Vivaldi is the top performer at 1135MB with ten tabs open, and Edge the worst at 3335MB
  • Chrome scored the best in the HTML5 compliance category, and Edge the worst
  • In the Jetstream 1.1 test (a JavaScript benchmark tool), Edge scored the best, with Vivaldi at the worst score
  • In the Kraken javascript test (another benchmark tool for measuring speed), Firefox performed the best, with Vivaldi again at the worst score

The Golden Standard for Web Browsers

Even though Chrome didn’t take the top spot every time with the different benchmark tests, it is still hailed as “the gold standard for web browsers,” and Edge still has many updates left before it can even come close to offering users that level of service. Chrome’s Google account integration, interface with mobile, ease of use, features that matter to users, and the simplistic yet effective look is just some of the features that make it the preferred browser.

Having said that, the choice of browser is a very personal matter, and people prefer one above the other for reasons. Some might love Edge, and you should use what you feel comfortable with.

What is your go-to-browser? For me, it is Firefox and Edge when at my home office, and Chrome and Edge when at my work office. Each of the browsers has specific things that I use depending on the task at hand. The Verge reached out to Microsoft about the Windows 10 browser warning, and “sources” confirmed that it is merely something they are testing and that it won’t release with the October Update.






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