Windows 10 October Update Issues Continue
Windows Terminal
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Microsoft can’t seem to bring an end to the Windows 10 October Update issues. First, the company issued a warning that the update could cause problems if users didn’t check beforehand that they had enough hard drive space. Then, the update caused a complete wipe of user data on some systems, leading Microsoft to pause the scheduled release.

Now, Microsoft issued another warning saying that Intel released a faulty audio driver with the Windows 10 October Update and it is causing some users to completely lose audio functionality.

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Earlier this week, Intel unintentionally released version of the Intel Smart Sound Technology (ISST) Driver through Windows Update, and inadvertently offered it to a range of devices running Window 10 version 1803 or 1809. If your device contained a compatible audio driver, the new driver overrode it and caused audio to stop working.

Microsoft is currently working with Intel to resolve the issue. They also erased the faulty Intel audio driver, so hopefully, it didn’t affect a lot of users. If your sound suddenly stopped working, then you can follow these steps to check if you have the faulty Intel driver (version You will have to uninstall the driver, and after a reboot, all should be loud and clear once again.

Over the weekend, Microsoft also released a fix for the faulty Intel update, and it should automatically run on all systems affected. However, if your sound is still not working, then follow the first option to uninstall the Intel driver.

More Windows 10 October Update issues are listed on the official Microsoft forums as well as on Reddit.  Problems include Apps suddenly not working after the update. The new dark mode for File Explorer not working as it should. Notifications not being listed in the Notification System. Microsoft Edge deleting users’ Favourites content. Problems with Bluetooth after the update. Start Menu interface and Search feature problems. The lists go on and on.

Does anyone still remember the days when we were excited about Windows updates? The good old days when things went smoothly and Microsoft released features we couldn’t wait to explore? I can’t recall those days.

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