Windows 10 Update Reportedly Breaking The Windows Search and Cortana

Microsoft hasn’t been having good luck when it comes to updates to their OS lately, as we recently reported about a Windows 10 update that could slow down your PC. Now, a new Windows 10 update is reportedly breaking Windows Search and Cortana Search for some users.

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If you make regular use of Windows Search or Cortana Search, then you should probably avoid the recently released Windows 10 update KB4517211. This update is reportedly causing problems with not only search functionality in the OS but also prevents VMWare Workstation from launching.

Windows users affected by the issue report that after installing KB4517211, it isn’t even possible to type something in the Windows Search or Cortana boxes. The Microsoft Answers forum is filled with complaints, which can check out for yourself here.

The only solution right now is to uninstall the KB4517211 update if you are running into any issues. To uninstall, follow the steps below:

  • Windows+I to open the Settings menu.
  • Click the “Update & Security” option.
  • On the Update & Security screen, click the “View update history” option.
  • On the next screen, click the “Uninstall Updates” link.
  • Select the update (KB4517211), and then click the “Uninstall” button.

At the time of writing, Microsoft has not acknowledged the issue or given another solution for users running into these issues or Cortana troubles. It remains to be seen if a hotfix will be applied, but one can’t help but wonder what the next Windows 10 update will break by how things are going down right now.

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Have you installed the KB4517211 update and are you having troubles with your Windows 10 search functionality after installing it? Let us know in the comment section below.

Gaming | PC | Windows 10 Update Reportedly Breaking The Windows Search and Cortana
Gaming | PC | Windows 10 Update Reportedly Breaking The Windows Search and Cortana






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