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Windows 11 Gets iPhone iMessage and Call Support Through Phone Link

The Windows platform now finally speaks to your iPhone and you’ll be able to link your device with the Windows 11 Phone Link app and receive iMessages, make phone calls and see iPhone notifications on your PC or notebook. While this statement sounds like it should have been written about twenty years ago, Microsoft has just rolled out decent iPhone support for Windows 11 now… in 2023.

The Phone Link app now has an update on Windows 11 which is available to all users. The app connects to your iPhone through Bluetooth and after you have linked your device, you’ll be able to make phone calls right from your PC, send iMessage and even get notifications from your phone instead of having to pay attention to the iPhone.

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If you have ever used a Mac device, this system sounds very familiar. Apple’s ecosystem allows you to do the same thing on your MacBook, for example. When your iPhone rings, you can simply answer it on your Mac.

Microsoft says the Phone Link app for iOS intercepts the incoming content on your iPhone by using its Bluetooth connection. That way, the app is able to send and receive messages while the app is open. The data transferred to Windows 11 also includes incoming calls, your call history and other phone notifications. Keep in mind that you can’t do anything with these notifications besides dismissing them on Windows 11.

The Phone Link app on Windows 11 aims to remove the barriers between the operating system and your mobile device. This is the first time we have had a Windows platform integrate into iOS in such a way. Previously, iPhone users were able to sync their phones to Windows but this was mainly restricted to copying photos and using third-party apps to replicate AirDrop features.

Microsoft has detailed the set-up process for the Windows 11 Phone Link app in its blog post. It says that the app only supports iPhones and not iPad or macOS devices. You’ll also need to download the app on your iPhone called Link to Windows. On your PC, the app called Microsoft Phone Link is also required. That way, the devices speak to one another.

Here’s a full guide on how to set this whole thing up. It seems simple enough.

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