Windows 11 Includes New UI, Start Menu, Dark Mode and More
"Full announcements coming 24 June"
Windows 11
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Microsoft is set to announce its next generation of Windows on 24 June but the cat is already out of the bag. Windows 11 has leaked showcasing a brand-new start screen, dark mode, taskbar and so much more. While Microsoft stated a couple of years back that Windows 10 would be its “definitive experience” that would last forever, they seem to be moving forward onto Windows 11.

For the most part, Windows 11 seems to pack a design that is both friendlier for desktop and tablets at the same time. This is most likely thanks to Microsoft’s approach to tablet devices. Visually, the main screen has changed and now features a centred set of icons. The start button is positioned to the left next to a search button and your user-defined icons. However, users can move the set of icons to the left-hand side should they prefer.


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Windows 11 is doing away with Live Tiles completely as the Start menu now includes your pinned apps and recommendations. This will definitely save data and use fewer resources than the ever-refreshing tiles in Windows 10.

Windows 11

Instead of Live Tiles, users can now make use of Widgets that slide out of the one side of your screen. Here, users can find the weather app, calendar and other user-defined tabs. These widgets will change and refresh during the day. Most live tiles are going to be transformed into these widgets over time.

As for the general navigation and style of Windows 11, Microsoft has now rounded all the corners of the tabs. The general File Explorer remains untouched for the most part. Users will be able to make use of a new and exciting window option by right-clicking on the “maximize” button on the top right-hand side. Here, you can tell Windows 11 to take that open tab and split it down the side of your display or position it in other different ways making it easier to multitask with other open tabs.

Windows 11

Here is the new Windows 11 Startup sound

The Xbox App has also been redesigned in Windows 11 now with a focus on Game Pass. Users can download games, check their subscriptions and shop for more titles on the app. It is almost like having an Xbox Series X/S on your PC.

That is all we know for now. Windows 11 will definitely have loads more in store for us when it is announced on 24 June. How Microsoft plans to handle the rollout of the operating system is unclear at this point. They will most likely offer free upgrades to users from Windows 10 but we will cover that when the reveal kicks off.

Windows 11






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