Windows 11 Preview Released – How to Install it
"Test Windows 11 today"
Windows 11
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If you are someone who loves testing out pre-release software then you will be happy to know that the first Windows 11 preview build is now available. Microsoft says that Windows Insiders can download this Windows 11 preview build 22000.51 now and install it on their PC.

The Windows 11 preview build is the latest package of the upcoming operating system and includes many of the new features and refinements. This includes the new Start Menu, multitasking features, overhauled Windows Microsoft Store and more. This Windows 11 preview build also includes the new tab management system for File Explorer.


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While there are still many missing features in this Windows 11 preview build, this version does pack the most visual changes we have seen so far. Users can experience the new centred Start Menu, rounded corners across all tabs, the notification centre, new volume dials and more.

Windows 11

As for themes, the Windows 11 preview build also includes the new dark and light mode that tweaks the entire visual style of the operating system alongside the widgets too. Another cool visual feature in Windows 11 are the new themes. Each theme has been designed around the new centred Start Menu and packs its own sounds and unique visual colour palette. Some of these include Glow, Captured, Sunrise, Flow and Motion.

How To Install Windows 11

If you are interested in testing out the Windows 11 preview build then you can do so. While it is open to Windows Insiders only, you can easily become one and turn your PC into a preview device. All you need to do is head on over to Settings – Update and Security – Windows Insider Program. Here you can enable the Dev Channel and obtain the Windows 11 preview build.

Windows 11

Keep in mind that your PC needs to be compatible with the Windows 11 preview build before you go ahead and install it. You can check if your PC can run Windows 11 by visiting the Microsoft PC Health Check App here.

Keep in mind that you should not install Windows 11 on a PC that you are going to use every day. The operating system is still buggy and missing a load of features. However, this build will continue to update and improve as the weeks go by. You can take a look at the full bug list on the official site here.

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