Windows Lite Being Created by Microsoft For Dual-Screen Devices
Windows 20 May 2020 Update Lite
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Microsoft is creating a new Windows Lite version, which is aimed at dual-screen devices and the company might be bringing out its own Chromebook competitor. This reported Windows Lite will be a stripped down version of its Windows operating system, with the new software aimed at dual-screens specifically.

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Microsoft is preparing a new lightweight version of Windows for dual-screen devices and is also taking on one of its main competitions, Google’s Chromebooks.

Windows Lite

The report confirms that Microsoft wants Windows Lite to be ready when dual-screen devices launch, with companies like Intel showing off a concept laptop which has dual two screens. However, those concepts were based on Windows 10. This new report suggests that Microsoft wants Windows Lite to run on dual-screen devices, rather than Windows 10 and wants the new version to be ready for the dual-screen market. Although dual-screen devices are the initial target for this to-be-confirmed new version of Windows, Microsoft is gearing up to use Windows Lite to assist the company in competing against Google’s Chromebook devices. Another rumour suggests that Microsoft is working on its own dual-screen device, which it is planning on will be shipping with Windows Lite pre-installed.

The new, lightweight version of Windows, will be similar to the operating system in its current form but will be a blended, more toned down version of Windows. This lighter version of Windows has also been codenamed, Santorini, so it remains unclear right now what this version of Windows will be called if it’s ever released. We will have to wait and see if the rumours materialise or not.

Dual screens, like foldable phones, are some of the main tech trends to look out for this year, especially if Microsoft is embracing it and possibly bringing out an operating system to support the hardware.

Are you into the idea of a dual-screen device? Let us know in the comments section below.






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