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Witchfire Gunplay Looks Incredible in New Trailer

Even though Witchfire still doesn’t have a release date after six years of development, I can’t stop watching its gameplay. Developers, The Astronauts, which is a team built by former People Can Fly members, has released a new look at some special abilities you can pull off in the game. This trailer mostly focuses on one gun called Hunger but touches on its upgraded abilities and how to pull off its special effects.

The gun gets stronger the more critical hits you score. Different enemies have different weak spots which are categorised as a “critical hit” spot. When you shoot them in concessive order and reload, Hunger gets powered up according to the number of critical hit shots you landed.

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This means you can build up a critical hit power-up by using smaller, weaker enemies around you and then deal the powerful shots to the larger enemy or boss in the room. This will let you take them down in one or two hits depending on how resilient they are.

Hunger has three levels to upgrade and these change depending on your play style. The final level isn’t detailed in the video but it shows freezing enemies instead of dealing powerful damage. It is unclear whether or not you can adjust these upgrades on the fly.

The video also showcases some of the magic in Witchfire. While it isn’t a focus, during the combat you can see the player shooting fireballs at enemies out of the player’s left hand. This means you’ll likely be able to seamlessly shoot magic and your gun at the same time. It will create some exciting opportunities for combat.

Check out the trailer below. Witchfire is currently in development. We have no clue when it is expected to launch. It has been announced for PC so far.

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