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Wolverine Aiming for Mature Rating and 2024 Release Date – Report

It’s been a while since Insomniac Games officially revealed Marvel’s Wolverine, the studio’s next ambitious PS5 superhero project after Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. While details are still scarce and will probably be for a while, a new report from an industry insider claims that Insomniac Games is aiming for a 2024 release date and a Mature rating.

According to Jeff Grubb, Marvel’s Wolverine will launch one year after Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 in fall 2024. However, the studio may also be discussing a 2025 release date internally so nothing is really set in stone right now. Some additional information was also revealed. The game will apparently deliver the violence as it’s targeting a Hard R or Mature rating. It will also take place before Wolverine officially joins the X-Men.

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Grubb shed more light on Marvel’s Wolverine about what he had heard from sources, including severing any ties to the Fox X-Men movies:

“Hard R is what they’re going for… that’s one of the concepts that I’ve heard. I think an M-rated Wolverine could work, I think an M-rated superhero game could work, and this is probably the right character. They will [also] avoid having any links or anything that evokes the Fox movies – they want it to stand on its own. I was trying to nail down the setting and have heard it will start before he joins the X-Men, which also makes sense for a Wolverine game…”

Speaking about the release dates, Grubb is fairly confident that Insomniac Games will be able to pull off releasing two AAA games back to back:

“Maybe the surprising thing for me is that I’ve heard two different dates… I’ve heard as early as fall 2024, which would be wild. Insomniac is putting out Spider-Man 2 this fall… I’ve also heard internally they’re still very much talking about 2025, so let’s not be surprised if that’s what happens. But if anyone can pull off releasing two major, triple-A, massive games in back-to-back years, it is Insomniac.”

Marvel’s Wolverine is currently in development exclusively for PS5. Insomniac’s attention is on Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 at the moment, so we’ll have to be patient for more information about the game to arrive.

Source: Jeff Grubb (via TheGamer)

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