WESG African Qualifiers: Registrations Open & Prize Pool Revealed
WESG African Qualifiers
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Alisports, the host of the World Electronic Sports Games (WESG), announced the esports world championships and Africa is once again invited. The LAN finals take place in China with a combined prize pool of $5.5 million. Only players with the same nationality may compete in a team. Mettlestate is hosting the WESG African Qualifiers.

The different disciplines are; Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Dota 2, StarCraft II, and Hearthstone. Registrations for the WESG African Qualifiers are now open and you can register here. Note that registrations close on 9 November, so don’t miss out.

Barry Louzada, the co-founder of Mettlestate, had this to say in the official announcement post:

Access to international tournaments for South Africans have always been rare opportunities – and ones that are sorely needed if we want to get international experience and recognition. WESG have strict regulations when it comes to becoming an official partner, and Mettlestate has been working actively to meet all the requirements laid forth by WESG. After much work, sweat, long hours and many chats with WESG, we finally managed to secure the three-year partnership thanks to Mettlestate’ ongoing commitment to improvement and upping the esports ante in South Africa. This is awesome news for esports in South Africa as it means that there will be guaranteed WESG qualifiers in Africa for the next three years.

The online qualifiers will use a single elimination bracket for all titles. The finals will be an offline event hosted in Johannesburg.

There are some nice prize pools up for grabs in the WESG African Qualifiers:

  • $2 000 dollars to the first place winners in Dota 2
  • $2 000 dollars to the first place winners in CS: GO
  • $500 dollars to the Hearthstone winner
  • $500 dollars to the StarCraft 2 winner

Not only will the winners get some nice cash, but they will also get flights and accommodation to China for the WESG finals that take place in March 2019.

Follow Mettlestate on social media to stay up to date with all your WESG African Qualifier news.

We wish all our esports teams and competitors best of luck. In other esports news, catch up on the latest CS: GO cheating scandal that caused a pro team to disband.

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