World of Warcraft: Classic Servers Hit by DDoS Attacks

World of Warcraft Classic servers DDoS Attacks WoW Classic
World of Warcraft: Classic Servers Hit by DDoS Attacks

Last month, Blizzard finally unleashed World of Warcraft: Classic and players flocked to the nostalgia-filled servers in droves, as evident by server queues. Then, over the weekend, the World of Warcraft: Classic servers (specifically the US ones) got hit hard by a number of Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks. Sure, most South Africans play on EU servers, but there are still those who play on US servers as well. Even with the DDoS attacks now done (for the time being), players might still experience connection issues.

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The DDoS attacks on the World of Warcraft: Classic servers began on Saturday at roughly 15:00 SA time and someone even claimed responsibility for these attacks. A Twitter account named UkDrillas (which has now been suspended) took credit for the attacks, even warning players that they will experience connection issues 30 minutes before each attack took place.

Blizzard later acknowledged that it was, in fact, DDoS attacks, in a tweet that you can read below.

Even though the attacks are over, for now, some players might still experience connection issues until realm maintenance completes later today. Hopefully, these attacks will now stop and the person responsible will be found, as there’s really no need to spoil the nostalgia-filled fun (grind) that World of Warcraft: Classic provides.

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Do you play on US servers and what do you think about these DDoS attacks on WoW: Classic servers? Let us know in the comment section below.

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