World of Warcraft: Complete Edition Leaked For Consoles

"WoW expands onto consoles?"

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World of Warcraft: Complete Edition Leaked For Consoles

Ever wanted to play World of Warcraft but didn’t own a PC to play the game on? Well, according to a new leak, Activision is gearing up to announce and release the massive online multiplayer game for consoles. The leak arrives through a listing on the Xbox Store that clearly lists a World of Warcraft: Complete Edition for Xbox Series X/S.

While Activision has yet to tease or announce anything yet, there have been multiple rumours regarding a World of Warcraft console port for years now. Blizzard has also recently implemented full controller support into the game on PC. While this support was meant to be for “accessibility purposes” it was another sign of the developer’s intention to port the MMO to console.

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Jez Corden, a well-sourced and somewhat reliable industry insider replied to the findings saying that store listing could be real. He claims that there’s too much smoke surrounding a World of Warcraft: Complete Edition for consoles to be fake. He claims that a World of Warcraft: Complete Edition console port is also an attempt by Activision to squeeze a bit of life out of the game. Given the game’s age, this makes sense.

World of Warcraft was released way back in 2004 and has remained a PC and Mac exclusive title since. While console owners have wished for a PlayStation and Xbox port of the game, Blizzard’s focus has always been on PC. Given the game’s complicated button layout and at the time, demanding hardware requirements, PC was the only place to really enjoy the game.

At the moment we have zero details on this World of Warcraft: Complete Editon for consoles. Will Blizzard drop the monthly subscription model for the game when it arrives on PS5 and Xbox Series X/S? Who knows at this point. If anything, this listing could be a mistake or fake so take it will a pinch of salt until an official announcement. Keep in mind that The Game Awards is expected to host 40-50 games so perhaps this World of Warcraft console port will be announced then?

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