Players Have Reported Issues with the World War Z Servers, Unable to Join Online Matches
World War Z Servers
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World War Z is the new co-op third-person zombie shooter from Saber Interactive that’s based on the 2013-movie starring Brad Pitt. The game is available right now for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One players. Unfortunately, some players have reported serious issues with the World War Z servers.

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Players across all platforms have been reporting issues with the new game, from crashing when starting up to some being unable to join online games at all due to apparent problems with the World War Z servers. Both PC and PS4 players have especially experienced problems with the World War Z servers.

Player report that they attempt to join online games, but are then unable to, which means they’re primarily only getting to play the game offline. This has caused frustration amongst players as the game is meant to be a multiplayer experience.

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Saber Interactive has responded by acknowledging that it is aware of the World War Z server issues, and is working on rectifying the issues experienced by players across all platforms wanting to join online games.

This might mean that the company didn’t expect the game to be as popular, and didn’t secure enough World War Z servers to cater for the amount of players.

As it’s still early days, it might take a while for Saber Interactive to fix the problems players have been experiencing with World War Z, with the company thanking players for their patience.

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Have you been playing World War Z and have you experienced any issues with trying to join online matches? Drop us a comment below and let us know.






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