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WWE 2K20 And 2K19 Servers To Be Shutdown

WWE 2K20 and 2K19 will have their servers shut down as confirmed by publisher 2K. Online functionality for both titles will not be available from the 30th of June, which cuts access to online matches and community content.

WWE 2K20 was released in 2019 and suffered from a disastrous launch with the game being riddled with bugs, technical problems, and graphical atrocities, quickly becoming the subject of ridicule on the internet.

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WWE 2K19 was the final game from developer Yuke who had been responsible for the WWE franchise for quite some time. The follow-up title WWE 2K20 came from Visual Concepts who had previously been the series’ co-developers but were tasked with handling the wrestling title completely solo.

The launch state of WWE 2K20 was so bad in fact that publisher even cancelled the proposed WWE 2K21 so that Visual Concepts could rectify their development and make sure that their next release would be better. Visual Concepts seemed to take this to heart as the newly released WWE 2K22 was far better than its predecessor and well-received by fans and critics alike.

Yuke has since moved onto a new project developing the AEW wrestling game titled AEW Fight Forever, while the WWE has also recently licensed a new WWE wrestling RPG. However, we do not yet know when the WWE RPG is set to release.

It’s worth a little reminder how terrible WWE 2K20 was on launch which you can see below. As you can tell by the footage the bugs were not exactly minor or simply graphical. The title was gripped by severe clipping issues from the ring, the players, and at one point the ref even descends into the stage where apparently they could put their impartial wisdom to better use. These made matches unplayable, aside from other problems such as the referee not counting pin downs.

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