WWE 2K20 is a Hot Buggy Mess But We Can’t Stop Watching
2K Games WWE 2k20 bugs and Glitches
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2K Games released WWE 2K20 yesterday which has come under fire after revealing the game is extremely buggy.

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Users began uploading their experience to Twitter yesterday in videos that not only compare WWE 2K20 to WWE 2K19 and its drastic visual downgrade but to also showcase the terrible bugs that people are facing in the game.

The social media movement then sparked the #FixWWE2K20 campaign as an outcry to the developers to update fix and update the game which users spent money on.

One user uploaded a clip showing how bad physics are when compared to last year’s entry when it came to the character’s ponytail swirl;

Another user uploaded a video showing off a ring fight in which all hell breaks loose. Objects go missing through the floor, and the wrestler gets stuck in the ropes and starts glitching out. Not to mention the walk of the other fighter is the funniest thing we have seen all week;

Then there’s this hot mess of a clip showing off some PS One animations and visuals. It is too funny to witness given how bad the voice acting is too.

Things are just not pretty at the moment for WWE 2K20 and if you release a game that leads to its own #FixWWE2K20 social media campaign, expect a load of refund requests coming your way. We are not sure what 2K Games are going to do about the situation but between the WWE 2K20 downgrades, bugs and glitches, we hope they fix it soon.

Header image: Udead Upchausen (Twitter) 






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