WWE 2K21 Video Game Cancelled According to WWE

WWE 2K21 2K Games
WWE 2K21 Video Game Cancelled According to WWE

There will be no new WWE 2K21 video game this year according to WWE CFO. Rumours of the game’s cancellation have been swirling around for some time now. Frank Riddick confirmed the news during a First Quarter earnings call.

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When asked about a possible WWE 2K21 video game release this year, Frank Riddick simply replied;

“there’s not going to be a launch of a game this year,”

There have been a few issues surrounding the 2K series after WWE 2K20 launched to massive negative reception. WWE 2K20 received massive negative feedback from critics and fans for being buggy, lacking content and pushing too many in-game purchases.

2K Games has not commented on the situation. When IGN reached out to the developer, they refused to comment on rumours and speculations. Guess the cat is out of the bag then? Perhaps this is a good move? The series was in dire need of a break and with next-gen on the horizon, 2K Games can use the opportunity to reboot the series on a new engine.

WWE 2K20 was a disaster. Numerous bugs, visual glitches and broken mechanics made the game almost unplayable. It was months before the game was at a stable state.

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