Xbox 360 Store Shutting Down Microsoft 220 Digital Games Lost

Xbox 360 Store is Shutting Down Next Year – Over 220 Digital Games Lost

Microsoft has announced that its officially shutting down the Xbox 360 store next year, meaning players will not be able to buy digital content directly through the Xbox 360 console anymore, which includes new games, DLC and other content. An analysis shows that over 220 digital-only games not available through backward compatibility will be lost forever.

The Xbox 360 Store is expected to shut down on 29 July 2024. The bad news is that hundreds of digital games that didn’t receive a physical release or aren’t listed for backward compatibility will disappear. The good news is that it won’t affect your ability to buy backwards compatible Xbox 360 games and DLC through the Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S stores. Furthermore, players still using their Xbox 360 console after the store closes will still be able to use all previously purchased games and DLC.

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Microsoft also notes that if a player has a deleted game that they purchased, they’ll still be able to re-download it as long as it’s part of their library. Additionally, online games will still be playable too as long as the servers are up and running by the publisher. Saved games can still be transferred to the cloud as well.

The Microsoft Movies & TV app will no longer be available either, meaning movies and TV shows purchased through the app won’t be viewable on Xbox 360 consoles from 29 July. That said, all purchased movies and TV shows can still be viewable by users on PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

Video Games Chronicle ran the numbers and listed over 220 digital-only Xbox 360 games that will disappear forever from the store when it closes. These include games like Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate, Batman: The Telltale Series, Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons, Call of Duty Classic, Fez, Mortal Kombat Arcade, Resident Evil 0, State of Decay, The Wolf Among Us and many more. Check out the full list to see if your favourite games made the chopping board.

Source: Xbox Wire Blog

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