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Xbox 4K Dashboard and Night Mode Arrive on Consoles

Microsoft has rolled out the Xbox October update that brings the much-needed 4K Dashboard update to the console systems. Not only will your home screen look better than ever now but the text is sharper, icons are brighter and the 4K adjustment finally brings the Dashboard up to modern standards. Microsoft is also adding a new Night Mode to the console that will adjust the light of not only the dashboard but also your console light and controller light (thank the heavens).

Users have been complaining about the brightness of the Xbox controller button for years now and the Night Mode is finally fixing it. After you update your console, you can then dim the light on the controller or turn it off completely. The same goes for the Xbox Series X/S light on the power button. Microsoft says that the new feature will allow users to enjoy pitch-black gaming equipment now when gaming and watching movies.

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The Xbox Night Mode also adds a blue light filter to the Xbox Series X/S console. This will reduce the blue light emitted on the screen and help with eye strain. Of course, games won’t look as natural as they are meant to but it is great for those who suffer from eye issues.

In addition to dimming, Xbox night mode also adds a customizable blue light filter for your display. This feature is specific for Xbox Series X|S consoles.

All of this customization works across the Xbox system, apps, and games, and does not impact performance, screenshots or game clips.

You can also create a night mode schedule that will dynamically switch between Dark and Light theme. You can manually toggle night mode on and off, time it with the sunrise and sunset, or create your own schedule.

As for the 4K Dashboard, this much-needed update finally adds a new dimension to the Xbox Series X/S consoles. Up to now, all menus and icons run in an upscaled 1080p format. Now, icons are sharper and the whole experience is a lot easier on the eyes. Microsoft shared a comparison showing off the difference which you can see down below.

Xbox 4K Dashboard

We’re excited to share that starting today, players with an Xbox Series X connected to a 4K display will see the dashboard natively rendered in 4K. You can experience 4K while browsing the Home, My Games & Apps, Guide, and many other experiences. UI elements on the screen, such as game art and buttons, will have increased sharpness and improved text readability.

You can read all about the new October Xbox update here.

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