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Xbox Consoles Get “Carbon Aware” Update and Google Home Support

Microsoft has started rolling out its February update for the Xbox Series X/S consoles. With the update, the consoles are now so-called “carbon aware” which allows them to connect to the internet, check for regional carbon intensity data and schedule downloads and updates accordingly. Microsoft says these scheduled updates will likely take place during the night when carbon emissions are lower and electricity use is decreased.

The new carbon-aware feature on the Xbox is completely optional and the company says users can choose to use it the way it works best for them. Keep in mind that this new feature is separate from Microsoft’s previously-announced “Shutdown” update which plans to turn all Xbox consoles into Shutdown Mode instead of making use of the standby feature. That update hasn’t rolled out yet. You can find out more about that update here.

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The update is also adding Google Home app support to the console. Users can now start using the Google Home app as a touch remote for Xbox consoles. With the remote, you can now power on and off the Xbox Series X/S, navigate across the Dashboard, play and pause content and even record gameplay and change the system’s volume.

 To get started, go to the Google Home app on your phone. Pull down to refresh your devices and tap on your Xbox console to bring up the touch controls. Remote control features include: power on/off, directional navigation, navigate home, navigate back, play/pause, skip/previous, volume up/down, mute/unmute, and record game clip.

Microsoft has also tweaked the Xbox Dashboard in the February update too. Users can now hide game art on the home screen. There’s also a new quick way to see recent parties you have been in.

We’re experimenting with some different experiences to make it easy to jump back into a party with your friends. As we roll this out, a random subset of users will be able to give it a try. To get started, go to the “Parties & Chats” tab in the guide on your Xbox console. Click on the “Party” or “Party History” button. You’ll see a list of your previous parties, which you can use to restart one of those parties or create a new one. You can also easily select which friends you want to invite.

Source: Xbox Blog

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  • 16 February 2023

    Can’t wait for the Starfield showcase. As a Skyrim / Fallout 4 fan, I’m excited for Starfield even though my PC is not good enough to run it. >_<

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