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Xbox Documentary Wins Daytime Emmy

Xbox has released a six-part documentary series called Power On: The Story of Xbox which has picked up another award in the form of a Daytime Emmy. The documentary was released on the 13th of December on multiple platforms including Roku, YouTube, Redbox and more, and has been awarded for Outstanding Single-Camera Editing.

The documentary takes a look at the Xbox console and its impact since its launch, going from the inception of the Xbox console, all the way through its success. Interestingly, the documentary also looks at how Microsoft almost passed up on the Xbox from the third-party team who came up with the idea.

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Head of programming for Xbox, Tina Summerford, spoke about how there is a “compelling story behind the history of Xbox”.

“Is there a compelling story behind the history of Xbox? The answer, it turns out, was yes, absolutely. So we partnered with an Emmy award-winning documentary film team to really dig in and help bring the story to life.

At its core, it’s a story about how Xbox started as a passion project from a small group of gamers within Microsoft and grew to become a source of joy for Xbox players around the world.”

The Xbox and Bethesda showcase recently took place and gave us a look at what we can expect from Xbox in the next year, including Starfield gameplay. Xbox has also recently revealed that they will start offering more Game Pass demos, a smart TV app, an expansion of their cloud gaming service and more. Interestingly, while Microsoft didn’t turn down the Xbox project, they did turn down the Gotham Racing reboot which actually resulted in the creation of the Forza Horizon series.

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