Xbox Exclusive The Ascent Arrives on PlayStation in March

"Pre-order for an exclusive weapon"

The Ascent PS4 and PS5 launch
Xbox Exclusive The Ascent Arrives on PlayStation in March

The Ascent launched on Xbox and PC back in August last year. Ridden with bugs, crashes and a rather mediocre story, it wasn’t the best game we have played. Since launch, the developer has been hard at work fixing the issues that plagued the experience and now The Ascent is headed to PS4 and PS5 in March. The game is in a much better state than before and should make for an enjoyable time.

Curve Games and Neon Giant have announced that The Ascent will arrive on PS4 and PS5 on 24 March 2022. The game will release with all new content added to the experience since launch as well as added weapons and updates.

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PS4 and PS5 owners can grab an exclusive weapon if they pre-order the game before it launches next month. This weapon comes in the form of an RPEG 33 energy-type Rocket Launcher that players can use throughout the game.

Curve Games has also revealed that the PC version of The Ascent now has a New Game+ mode on Steam. Up to now, this wasn’t a feature in the game.

The co-founder and Creative Director of the Studio had some words to say about the launch on PS4 and PS5.

“We’ve been blown away by how amazing the response to The Ascent has been so far on Xbox and PC, so we are thrilled to be bringing the game to a new audience of PlayStation players. We started making The Ascent because we love making games and we want to share what we’ve made with as many gamers as possible in the hope that people enjoy playing it as much as we enjoyed making it.”

The game is currently up for pre-order on the PlayStation Store and will set you back R485.

Check out the trailer down below and read my Xbox Series X review of the game here.

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