Image and Form Games has announced the release date for the upcoming Xbox exclusive The Gunk. According to the Studio, players can look forward to jumping into this platformer on 16 December as the game arrives on Xbox and through Xbox Game Pass. The game is being published by Thunderful Games and developed by Image and Form Games. This is the same studio that brought us the Steamworld series.

The Gunk is a third-person action-adventure game where a duo of space haulers, Rani and Becks, find themselves on a mysterious planet while trying to search the galaxy for a way to make a quick buck. Little do they know that this planet might be littered with treasures and resources but there’s also a strange substance called “gunk” taking over the land.

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This gunk turns out to be a deadly goo that is sapping life away from the planet, its plants and animals. What starts off as an adventure to rack up some resources slowly turns into a fight for survival for not only Rani and Becks but also the planet itself. The gunk is a parasite that consumes everything in its path.

The Gunk is a platformer adventure so players will spend most of their time exploring the lands while also clearing up the gunk using a vacuum arm. There are also loads of puzzles to complete, treasures to find and upgrades to obtain throughout the game. Catch up on the trailer below and make sure you keep your eye on this game when it arrives on 16 December for Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and PC.

Source: YouTube

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