Xbox Game Pass Hits 10 Million Active Subscribers

Xbox Game Pass December 2020 Xbox One on PC
Xbox Game Pass Hits 10 Million Active Subscribers

Microsoft says over 10 million people are now subscribed to Xbox Game Pass. The service launched in 2017 and offers access to over 100 games for as little as R49 a month for PC and R99 a month for Xbox. Similarly, Microsoft offers an Xbox Game Pass and Gold package for R149 per month too. The company shared these numbers during its Microsoft Q3 2020 earnings report. It’s also the first time the company have shared stats for its online services.

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Microsoft says that the spike in numbers is thanks to the increased engagement due to the stay-at-home and lockdown orders worldwide. This led to a “record engagement”. Xbox Live also saw close to 90 million monthly users in the last quarter. As for Project xCloud, it hit “100s of thousands” of active users across its seven preview countries.

While the company was proud to share the online numbers, we still don’t know how well the Xbox One console series has sold. Microsoft stopped sharing sales numbers for the hardware years ago. However, the spike in online activity is no doubt a great sign for the company as more users are jumping into the brand.

As for the future of the brand, rumours claim Microsoft will host an Xbox Series X stream next week. The company will showcase actual gameplay for its upcoming next-gen Xbox Series X console. The console will also benefit from the Game Pass system. We will share the news as we learn more.

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