Xbox Game Pass Loses Monster Hunter World and More in July
"Best slay that Rathalos"
Xbox Game Pass December 2020 Xbox One on PC
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As new titles are added to Xbox Game Pass, it also means that some titles need to leave. This is a public service announcement to those who are still enjoying games like Monster Hunter World, SoulCalibur 6 and more on the service. In July, these games are being taken off so you best slay your last Rathalos before that happens.

Microsoft announced that a handful of games are leaving Xbox Game Pass on 1 July 2021. This follows the recent removal of games like Ace Combat 7, Night Call, Observation and West of Dead that left on 15 June. Thankfully, new games were added to the service include The Evil Within 2, Wolfenstein 2 and older Fallout games. July will also bring new titles with it we just don’t know what yet.


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The following games are leaving Xbox Game Pass on 1 July:

  • Outer Wilds
  • Monster Hunter World
  • Battle Chasers: Nightwar
  • SoulCalibur VI
  • The Messenger
  • Mistover
  • Marvel Vs Capcom Infinite
  • Out of the Park Baseball 21


We will keep you updated on the new Xbox Game Pass games of July as soon as they are announced.

Source: Twitter






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