Xbox Gives Awesome Response to PS4 Cross-Play Decision
PS4 cross-play
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In what I can only describe as a “hold my beer” moment, Xbox has given an awesome response to the recent PS4 cross-play decision. For those of you who have been living under a rock last week, Sony changed their stance on cross-play. With an announcement very few gamers saw coming, PS4 cross-play support for Fortnite was revealed and Sony also hinted at future title support.

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Xbox responds to PS4 cross-play

In April this year, the amazing Avengers Infinity War film hit the big screen and it was, without a doubt, the biggest crossover event in Marvel history. No, you aren’t suddenly reading a different article and yes, I have had my morning coffee. Xbox UK took to Twitter to post this little gem.

As mentioned earlier, this is such an awesome response. It is, without a doubt, one of those “hold my beer” moments and I simply love it. It is great to see Xbox give a response such as this instead of the usual PR garbage and just goes to show that everyone is really happy and excited about Sony’s decision.

The future for cross-play looks brighter than ever and yes, not all games will support cross-play. In fact, we recently learned that cross-play support for Fallout 76 isn’t even on Bethesda’s radar. Further, support for other games except for Fortnite still remains unknown, but it is still a good start and Xbox seems to think so as well.

What do you think about Xbox’s response to the PS4 cross-play decision and which games do you hope gets cross-play support in the future? Let us know in the comment section below.






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