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Xbox Introduces Strike System to Prevent Bad Behaviour

Microsoft is rolling out a new strike system for the Xbox platform which may result in you losing access to social features after several negative strikes. While users have questioned why the strike system requires up to 8 altercations before the ban, the program does aim to make the online Xbox experience less toxic.

In short, the system will attach strikes to your account for every enforcement made on the Xbox platform. These strikes range in severity based on your inappropriate behaviour. The most severe behaviour, currently listed as sexually inappropriate actions or harassment and bullying, will result in two strikes. Hate speech is even worse and will result in three strikes.

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While users can ultimately lose their Xbox accounts after multiple infringements, they will also suffer from suspensions throughout each strike depending on the severity. For example, a two-strike action will get you suspended for a day. Four strikes will be suspended for seven days.

Players who managed to rack up eight strikes will then be suspended from Xbox’s social features for an entire year. Strikes also stay on your account for a 6-month basis.

Xbox Strike System

Microsoft says that suspended accounts will still be able to play single-player games and access purchased content. However, online activity will remain limited. In the case of illegal activity, special steps will be taken to block content.

  • Xbox’s new enforcement strike system educates players about enforcement severity, cumulative effect of multiple enforcements, and the total impact on their standing.
  • Players can receive a total of eight strikes; each strike remains on record for six months.
  • Each strike results in a suspension from Xbox’s social features for varying lengths of time.
  • Every player will begin with a blank slate or zero strikes; previous enforcements must still be completed.

Microsoft says users will be notified about each strike and they can monitor them on their account. It will list when they received the strike and how long until it expires.

This system will also tie into the recently-released voice reporting feature where users can record voice chats and send them to Microsoft to report players for harassment.

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