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Xbox Might Keep Some Activision Games Multiplatform – Report

In the wake of Microsoft’s massive acquisition of Activision Blizzard yesterday, speculation once again ran rampant about exclusivity and how it might work. According to some sources, Xbox may keep certain games such as Call of Duty: Warzone multiplatform, while most will likely be exclusive to the platform.

As speculated by VentureBeat journalist Jeff Grubb, Call of Duty: Warzone is the game that will most likely remain multiplatform. However, he also believes that the mainline Call of Duty series will become exclusive to Xbox (and naturally PC as well). It’s possible that Xbox will keep the Call of Duty games multiplatform since they’d still be drawing in sales from PlayStation, but as Grubb also pointed out, this is all about driving numbers to Game Pass too.

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Jeff Grubb’s full statement reads:

“OK. Fine. I’ll do the damn discourse. Warzone will remain multiplatform, but I think main Call of Duty games go exclusive. Microsoft already ran the numbers on every scenario with Bethesda and it determined exclusivity to Game Pass is the best way to drive its goals.

It treats the money it loses from PlayStation sales as an investment/marketing cost to promote Game Pass. I’m just basing this on Microsoft’s own research, but I suppose the proper COD games are servicey enough that they change the variables. I don’t know. This is weird.”

Microsoft haven’t officially disclosed the terms of whether or not many Activision Blizzard games will remain multiplatform. Most Activision Blizzard-published titles like Overwatch have found some success on PlayStation, but the logic behind the acquisition will mainly come down to driving consumers to Game Pass as Xbox’s biggest selling point – and the best way to achieve this is through exclusivity of IP.

Then again, Microsoft have yet to even officially disclose the exclusive nature of The Elder Scrolls 6, though given that Starfield will be exclusive, we already have our answer. We’ll have to wait for some confirmation from Xbox regarding the exclusivity terms once the ink dries on the deal.

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Source: Jeff Grubb

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