Microsoft Shows off Xbox Mobile Controller for Phones and Tablets
Xbox Mobile Controller
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Microsoft’s aim is to one day bring “console quality” streaming to phones and tablets with their new upcoming Project xCloud. One of the biggest issues with game streaming is reliance on touchscreen controllers. However, Microsoft could be on the right path with a range of new controllers designed just for smartphones and tablets. The Xbox mobile controller aims to replace the touchscreen experience.

The news comes from Microsoft Research that reveals a controller that is not only fully customizable but also bears quite the resemblance with Microsoft’s current game controller. Its ergonomic design allows you to change the grips to fit any hand as well as any device. You can even slide the grips off to simply have just the analogue and button interface present. The controller then has triggers and bumpers at the back of the device to act as your LT and RT buttons.

Xbox Mobile Controller

Like the Nintendo Switch Joy-Con, Microsoft’s prototype can also be used separately or it can be combined together to create a standard controller interface. You can then separate them again to slide onto your smartphone or tablet for gaming use and when you need to charge it, slide them together again and plug in the USB charger.

While this controller is still in its prototype phase, the fact that Microsoft is working on it is pretty cool. If the company does plan to take cloud gaming seriously in say the next generation of consoles then this would be a product you would look at when streaming games to your smartphone.






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