Xbox Players Are Better Than PC And PS4 Players – New LG Report Claims
Xbox Players Are Better
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LG, the South Korean tech giant, has compiled a research report which suggests that Xbox players are better than their PC and PS4 gaming counterparts.

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LG’s scientists have been testing the reaction times of different types of gamers, to determine which class of gamers have the best reaction times. The tech company partnered with gaming publisher, Activision, to use the Elite Reaction Test on 1 400 gamers to determine which class of gamers reign supreme in terms of reaction time. Anyone can try out the test HERE to determine their own reaction times.

When taking the test, users were required to click on targets that faded from green to red as quickly as possible to help increase their score.

The scores found that Xbox players had the best overall reaction times. Xbox players scored an average accuracy of 79.7%. The worst scores were given to PC players. PC gamers, according to this test, had an average of 62.2% reaction accuracy. PlayStation gamers came in second place with an average accuracy score of 71.9%. Xbox players were also better at hitting targets. According to the test results, Xbox players had a 78% target accuracy. This is compared to PlayStation players’ score of 74% and PC gamers scoring 70%.

The battle of who’s better – PC gamers versus Xbox players and PS4 players – has been going on for years. This is one of the reasons LG decided to run this test, with David Hall, LG Marketing Manager saying:

The reaction times of console versus PC gamers has been a point of conversation for years, so we decided to put them to the test.

While PC gamers are perhaps traditionally seen as more ‘twitchy’, the LG Elite Reaction Test turned this on its head, as from nearly 2000 people we’ve seen that console gamers managed to hit more targets than PC gamers.

Do you think Xbox players and PS players have better reaction times as suggested by the results from the test done by LG in partnership with Activision?






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