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Xbox Says Starfield is The “Starting Gun” For First-Party Xbox Game Releases

Xbox chief marketing officer, Jerret West says the release of Starfield will mark the beginning of Microsoft’s consistent wave of first-party games. During an interview at Gamescom this week, the head of Xbox marketing shared his thoughts on the forthcoming launch and how Microsoft aims to make a statement with Bethesda’s ambitious RPG.

West claims that Starfield is like a “doorway, almost a starting gun” to the future of Xbox. He says it is the start of a multi-year relay race for first-party titles.

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By the sound of things, West is confident Xbox will rise up from the ashes of its lacking first-party lineup which the company has struggled with for years now. He says that Starfield is the start of the process. Then there’s Forza and going into 2024 there’s Hellblade. He continued to state that both 2024 and 2025 include stories Xbox hasn’t told yet.

“I was sitting there watching the same [Starfield presentation] you were this morning and I was like… this is really the start of something that’s going to then lead to Forza, then in 2024 as we go to Hellblade, and we think about Towerborne which is on the show floor, we think about Avowed, and we’ve got stories we haven’t told yet as well, that are going to unfurl in 2024 and 2025.”

There’s no denying that Microsoft has struggled with first-party games for a while now. The brand’s biggest first-party release of 2024, Redfall was poorly received due to bugs, bland gameplay and incomplete development. But that will hopefully change:

“This very much feels like the starting gun for this relay pass that’s going to take place over the next couple of years. So as a marketer, I’m super excited about that. And then if you layer in also, Game Pass and the third party relationships that we have… Our third party support that rolls into Game Pass – but also is just on our platform – is critically important too. So I think we are entering a period where this is the beginning of something that’s going to be really special over the course of the next several years.”


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