Microsoft’s Xbox Series S Confirmed in Leaked Controller Packaging
"The controller will most likely ship with the Xbox Serie S."

We are not sure how it happened but someone got their hands on a new Xbox Wireless Controller. To make matters even more confusing, it is not the black version we have seen so far. Instead, it is a white edition called “Robot White”. While controller leaks are nothing new, this is especially important because the packaging confirmed the existence of the Microsoft’s cheaper next-gen console the Xbox Series S.

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Twitter user Zak S was able to purchase the controller. In addition, the user posted a series of photos and videos online showing off the packaging. The most interesting part of this all is the clear mention of the cheaper console. On the side of the box where it lists the compatible devices, it clearly mentions “Xbox Series X|S” along with others such as the Xbox One, Windows 10, Android and iOS.

Xbox Series S Controller

Microsoft has yet to reveal the Xbox Series S console nor has the company even confirmed a white Xbox Series X controller. However, this leak beat them to the punch. The leaked controller includes all the bells and whistles. This includes the new D-pad, textured grips, share button and USB-C charging port. It also appears to be a ready-to-ship version of the controller with the manual and all. The leak suggests the device could appear in stores soon.

Xbox Series S Controller

We don’t know much about the Xbox Series S yet. Reports suggest the console is Microsoft’s cheaper next-gen Xbox with the codename Lockhart. According to leaked specs, the console is expected to include 7.5GB of RAM and around 4 teraflops of GPU performance. It will also ship with the same CPU as the Xbox Series X. Rumours claim the company will announce the console this month. However, a spokesperson from Microsoft told The Verge that the company won’t comment on how the next-gen controller leaked.

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