Xbox Series S is Microsoft’s 1440p Next-Gen Console With a 512GB SSD

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Xbox Series S is Microsoft’s 1440p Next-Gen Console With a 512GB SSD

This morning after the Xbox Series S console leaked, Microsoft officially announced the hardware. However, while the company claimed the would share more information shortly, another full leak arrived. This time the official trailer detailing the console’s hardware and capabilities was found on Twitter. In short, the Xbox Series S is weaker than the X, is an all-digital device and is capable of 1440p gameplay.


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According to the trailer, the Xbox Series S does not have a disc drive, it supports 1440p at up to 120 FPS, Direct X ray-tracing and variable frame rate. In addition, it packs a custom 512 GB SSD, 4K streaming playback and 4K upscaling for certain games.

As for the size of the console, it is small. According to the video, the Xbox Series S is 60% smaller than the X. Of course, you can expect the console to include an expandable SSD storage option. 512GB is not a lot to go with and games are now hitting 100GB which means users are able to store around four of them at a time. The fact that it does not come with a disc-drive also means it relies solely on its storage. It could be a problem.

We know Xbox Series S console sells for $299 and according to Windows Central, the X will retail for $499. However, Microsoft has yet to confirm this. As for the release date, reports claim both consoles will be available on 10 November 2020. Keep in mind that previously, the release date was set for 6 November 2020. Hopefully, we will know more later this month when Microsoft officially announces the pricing and release date for both consoles. They have not shared a date for the announcement yet.

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