Next-Gen Xbox Series X Chip Revealed With “8K” Stamp

Microsoft Xbox Series X nextgen
Next-Gen Xbox Series X Chip Revealed With “8K” Stamp

Microsoft seems quite confident that the upcoming next-gen Xbox Series X console will do 8K. The company even got “8K” stamped onto the system on a chip similar to how the Xbox One X featured the “4K” stamp. Phil Spencer updated his Twitter profile picture this morning with an image of the Xbox Series X chip and believe it or not, but it has a giant “8K” stamp on it along with the Project Scarlett engraving.

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According to the leaked specs which we covered last week, the upcoming next-gen Xbox will output around 12 teraflops of power but will it be able to render next-gen games at quadruple the resolution of the X? It is still too early to tell. Even 4K 60fps is a demanding benchmark to achieve so the Xbox Series X needs to be a monster to get to that desired 8K resolution.

Microsoft Xbox Series X 8K Next-Gen

Then again, we do know that the upcoming next-gen Xbox Series X is just one of Microsoft’s consoles. This chipset could be for a more powerful model? There are a load of questions we all still have about the power of the next-gen hardware and this 8K statement. If you ask me, 8K might be restricted to backward compatibility as it won’t take a rocket ship to render Halo 3 in 8K but it may be impossible to render Halo Infinite in 8K on the console.

Only time will tell just what Microsoft claims 8K will be on the next-gen Xbox console and we are all excited to see what they have up their sleeves.

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