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Xbox Series X Digital and ‘Other Hardware’ Reportedly Planned at Microsoft

According to a new report, Microsoft is apparently looking into releasing an Xbox Series X digital console along with ‘other hardware’ sometime in 2025. This generation kicked off relatively strong for Microsoft after the company launched both the Xbox Series X and S, with the latter being a more affordable – if slightly less powerful – alternative next-gen entry point for consumers. The Xbox Series S was also a digital-only console, though it looks like X might receive the same treatment.

The report originates from prominent leaker Shpeshal Nick from Xbox Era Podcast who claims that Microsoft is currently looking into an Xbox Series X digital console option. Additionally, there might be more hardware from the company on the way as soon as 2025, though no details were revealed about what the extra hardware could be.

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Fans speculate that Microsoft could release either a Pro or slim model of the Xbox Series X at some point, though others believe that it’s likely a long-rumoured “Stream Stick” that will allow players to insert a stick into their TVs and be able to stream Game Pass titles via xCloud. It might be a cheaper alternative to buying an entire console outright, though it remains to be seen if the infrastructure in certain regions will allow for seamless streaming yet due to varying internet speeds.

Talks of new hardware aren’t exclusive to Xbox. Both PlayStation and Nintendo are reportedly working on new hardware as well. In the case of PlayStation, it’s rumoured that Sony is working on a Slim model of the PS5 while Nintendo is supposedly working on a successor to the Switch. A recent report even claimed that the “Switch 2” might incorporate a hybrid style similar to the original Switch and contain 512 GB of internal storage along with an 8-inch LCD display.

As with all rumours and reports, take this with a pinch of salt until we get some confirmation from Microsoft.

Source: Shpeshal Nick (via Reddit)

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