Microsoft has put an embargo on the Xbox Series X and talking about how hot it gets. According to The Verge’s Tom Warren, he claims media are not allowed to share any information on the console’s heat. However, it seems the cat is out of the bag. French WebTV stream LeStream touched on the console’s heat dissipation and while it is silent, it can get “violently hot”.


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According to the report from the Twitch stream which has since been removed, the console does not make much noise. Users were able to feel the air coming out of the console when on standby and during use. However, the heat does build up over time.

“I don’t know if we can talk about this but (they weren’t supposed to), we have the Series X here and the Series X is hot, it is hot. It makes 0 noise but on the other hand, it gives off heat, it’s violent. I mean it’s violent… yeah, yeah it’s violent. You can warm up thanks to the Series X, clearly. From a sound point of view, it’s good but from a heat point of view, it’s something,”

They continue to talk about the Xbox Series X heat saying even the expansion drive where you insert the SSD into gets really hot during use. It even gets hot while in standby too.

We don’t know what causes the console to get that hot. Is it next-gen games or perhaps backwards compatible titles? Regardless, Microsoft’s embargo on talking about the heat of the console is strange. We don’t know when media will be allowed to publically speak about the cooling of the unit. However, until some official feedback comes out of this, don’t be too concerned about the it just yet. Keep in mind that these consoles are also early release models too.

You can watch them react to the Xbox Series X heat in a video down below. Its starts around the 28-minute mark.

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