Xbox Series X Prototype Photos Leak Revealing Back Ports

Photos of Microsoft’s upcoming next-gen Xbox Series X console have leaked online in quite the detail. It seems someone got their hands on the upcoming console’s prototype and decided to have a photoshoot with it revealing more details than we have seen up to now.

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Most interestingly of all is the photo of the backside of the unit which shows off the ports Microsoft will include on the Xbox Series X console. While this can surely change before the retail unit’s release, it is a small glimpse at the backside of the device.

The backside unit displays 2 USB ports, an ethernet port, HDMI and optical audio port. There is also a power port. The only slot which is a mystery is the long rectangular one which could be used for developer debugging and such. It also seems that the console’s back might be easily removable as there is a button at the bottom of it and a pully at the top. It could be just for vents but maybe something else?

The front of the Xbox Series X prototype is a lot less exciting. There’s a sync button most likely used for pairing your controller to the device, a power button, another USB slot and the disc drive. It is a pity whoever leaked this did not take a photo of the top while the console was powered on. Apparently it has a cool green glow which would be great to see.

Again, this is just a leaked prototype and while we know the console’s design is identical things may change at the back including ports and positioning. Still, it is nice to see it in the flesh for the first time.

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