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Xbox Series X/S Outsells PS5 in North America and Europe in February

The Xbox Series X/S has, for the first time since the consoles’ launch, outsold the PlayStation 5 in both North America and Europe for the month of February. However, global chip shortages are a contributing factor towards the rise of Xbox Series X/S sales outselling the PS5 too.

As reported by Wccftech, the Xbox Series X/S managed to outsell the PS5 in both North America and Europe in February – a first since the console’s launch back in November 2020.

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Sony previously reiterated that due to global chip shortages impacting the manufacturing of the PS5, their new generation consoles would continue to be in short supply for 2022. Thanks to the availability of the Xbox Series S, in particular, which can be found on most retail store shelves with relative ease compared to the Xbox Series X and PS5, the Xbox Series X/S sales were able to surpass PS5 for February.

However, it remains to be seen if this trend will continue. The Xbox Series S isn’t as powerful as its counterpart, the Xbox Series X, but it’s general affordability (at nearly half the price of the Series X) as well as it being readily available in most retailers makes it an enticing purchase for buyers looking to get into the new generation.

Pair this with the growing popularity of Xbox Game Pass and Microsoft seemingly has a winning recipe for now. Additionally, almost all Xbox exclusives will arrive on Game Pass on day one, meaning some consumers might be swayed in Xbox’s favour too.

For the time being, Microsoft has a chance to make up some ground with Xbox Series X/S sales. The PS5 chip shortages will continue for the next few months and likely to the end of the year again due to the global pandemic, giving Xbox some opportunity to get their affordable variants out alongside the Xbox Series X.

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Source: Wccftech

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