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Xbox Series X Specs Revealed – Confirms 12 Teraflop GPU and Other Features

Microsft has revealed more information about its upcoming next-gen Xbox Series X console including its power and features. The biggest news was the company confirming that the console will indeed include 12 teraflops of GPU performance which is double than that of the Xbox One X. To put it into perspective, the Xbox Series X will have power beyond most mid-range PC graphics cards on the market from both NVIDIA and AMD.

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Phil Spencer claims that the Xbox Series X will deliver a true generational leap in processing power;

[perfectpullquote align=”full” bordertop=”false” cite=”” link=”” color=”#008468″ class=”” size=”21″]“Xbox Series X delivers a true generational leap in processing and graphics power with cutting edge techniques resulting in higher framerates, larger, more sophisticated game worlds, and an immersive experience unlike anything seen in console gaming,[/perfectpullquote]

The Xbox Series X will include a custom-designed CPU based on AMD’s Zen 2 and Radeon RDNA 2 tech. The console will make use of an NVMe SSD which Phil claims will boost load times and “nearly every aspect of playing games is improved.”

Microsoft Xbox Series X PS5 Next-gen

Microsoft also touched on some features of the console including variable-rate shading, hardware-accelerated DirectX Raytracing and some consoles features like the SSD storage, quick resume, HDMI 2.1 and 120FPS support. Microsoft is also boasting a “four-generational support” feature which means everyone will be able to play all the Xbox game right from the original console all the way up to the Xbox Series X on the new console.

  • Variable Rate Shading (VRS): Our patented form of VRS empowers developers to more efficiently utilize the full power of the Xbox Series X. Rather than spending GPU cycles uniformly to every single pixel on the screen, they can prioritize individual effects on specific game characters or important environmental objects. This technique results in more stable frame rates and higher resolution, with no impact on the final image quality.
  • Hardware-accelerated DirectX Raytracing: You can expect more dynamic and realistic environments powered by hardware-accelerated DirectX Raytracing – a first for console gaming. This means true-to-life lighting, accurate reflections and realistic acoustics in real time as you explore the game world.
  • SSD Storage: With our next-generation SSD, nearly every aspect of playing games is improved. Game worlds are larger, more dynamic and load in a flash and fast travel is just that – fast.
  • Quick Resume: The new Quick Resume feature lets you continue multiple games from a suspended state almost instantly, returning you to where you were and what you were doing, without waiting through long loading screens.
  • Dynamic Latency Input (DLI): We’re optimizing latency in the player-to-console pipeline starting with our Xbox Wireless Controller, which leverages our high bandwidth, proprietary wireless communication protocol when connected to the console. With Dynamic Latency Input (DLI), a new feature which synchronizes input immediately with what is displayed, controls are even more precise and responsive.
  • HDMI 2.1 Innovation: We’ve partnered with the HDMI forum and TV manufacturers to enable the best gaming experience through features such as Auto Low Latency Mode (ALLM) and Variable Refresh Rate (VRR). ALLM allows Xbox One and Xbox Series X to automatically set the connected display to its lowest latency mode. VRR synchronizes the display’s refresh rate to the game’s frame rate, maintaining smooth visuals without tearing. Ensuring minimal lag and the most responsive gaming experience.
  • 120 fps Support: With support for up to 120 fps, Xbox Series X allows developers to exceed standard 60 fps output in favour of heightened realism or fast-paced action.


Of course, we still don’t have a release date or a price yet for this console. Rumours claim that even though the Xbox Series X will indeed boast 12 teraflops of power, it will be a pricey purchase forcing Microsoft to release a cheaper next-gen console alongside with it. However, these are just rumours for now until we see and hear more.

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