Xbox Series X SSD is an M2 Drive by Western Digital and is Replaceable
Xbox Series X and S Review SSD
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While we have both the Xbox Series S and X consoles with us we would never tear them open. We think they are just fine in one piece… as a whole device without looking on the inside. However, that does not stop other users from doing what we are scared to do. Teardowns of the Xbox Series X console have popped up online and the most interesting takeaway is the SSD. According to users, the console packs an M2 NMVe SSD drive from Western Digital and can easily be replaced.


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According to Twitter user Rato Borrachudo, the SSD drive inside the Xbox Series X is simply the same M2 SSD users find inside a PC. All it takes is a simple screwdriver and users can replace the standard 1TB hardware with a larger one.

Keep in mind that while this sounds easy enough, we don’t recommend it. By the look of things, the M.2 SSD slot is tucked away on the main motherboard and to get to it you will void your warranty. Just because the SSD is not soldered onto the mainboard like the PS5, does not mean Microsoft wants you to easily upgrade it. The whole process does not look user friendly at all and right next to the SSD, there’s the SoC too.

This is most likely why Microsoft went with the expandable storage slot on the console. The company will no doubt release future Xbox Series X consoles with larger SSDs. However, they will replace the 1TB with a 2TB themselves and seal the console up so users can’t get in without work. Still, it is nice to see the inside of the console.

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