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Xbox Slammed for Allegedly Using AI Art in Indie Games Promo

Microsoft has been slammed for allegedly using AI art in a recent Xbox indie games promotion image. The image was posted on social media yesterday by Xbox’s indie games label, ID@Xbox, which shows a group of kids playing in the snow. However, eagle-eyed users were quick to notice odd discrepancies about the image that raised concerns over Microsoft potentially using AI to generate the art.

Users quickly pointed out details in the art that suggested AI might’ve used to generate it, such as misplaced black lines that had no purpose and the strange, morphed facial expressions of the children. One kid is also seen magically levitating on the side of the ID sculpture. The Xbox logo seen in the image is also not accurate to Xbox’s standard logo.

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The art was slammed online as soon as these details came to light, prompting Xbox to quickly delete the image. However, it was still screen-grabbed by other Twitter/X users:

Microsoft has yet to issue a statement about its sudden removal of the alleged AI image, though we suspect that the company might want to let this one slide under the rug. The move has since been criticised by artists and other users on Twitter/X. “Nothing says you care about independent work more than using AI for your promotional art,” said artist Joey Miller.

AI technology has been mostly condemned by players and developers in the gaming industry, concerned over its use in games promotion and development. Most see it as plagiarism or a direct threat to the jobs of artists seeking work in the industry. However, this hasn’t stopped some gaming companies from pushing forward with AI. Square Enix, for example, recently announced that it would be doubling down on AI usage for future projects.

Source: Video Games Chronicle

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