Xbox Summer Game Fest Will Have More Than 60 Downloadable Demos
"E3 is coming to your living room... in a way."
Xbox Summer Game Fest Next-Gen Xbox Consoles
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Microsoft is bringing E3 to your living room in the new Xbox Summer Game Fest. In wake of E3 and Gamescom being cancelled, the company has a great plan up their sleeve to bring new games to players. Microsoft plans to bring a slice of the show floor experience to your console. The company will make dozens of demos for upcoming Xbox One games available for a week.

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Microsoft’s Glenn Gregory announced the plan in a blog post saying that while the demos won’t always be a representation of the final product, they will give players a sneak peek. Usually, Microsoft hosts a range of playable demos at E3. These demos will now be playable by anyone on their Xbox console.

“While we can’t recreate the experience of attending a big show entirely, we can help you get your hands on lots of cool new games early. As announced by Geoff Keighley as part of Summer Games Fest, Xbox is proud to reveal that our Summer Games Fest Demo Event will be live on Xbox One from July 21 to July 27.”

Glenn claims owners could see anything from between 75 and 100 demos. Confirmed games include Cris Tales, Destroy all Humans!, Haven, Hellpoint, Skatebird, The Vale: Shadow of the Crown and more.

Players can access the demo list through a special Game Fest Demo tile on the Xbox One dashboard at the time. This will take them to a collection of available demos which can be downloaded and played.

Microsoft plans on releasing a full list of demos closer to the time. The Xbox Summer Game Fest Demo event will be available from 21 – 27 July 2020 on Xbox consoles.






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